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Energy Efficiency: Residential Solutions | Legrand Saudi Arabia

Green Wellbeing: Sustainability and savings without compromising on confort and peace of mind

Energy efficiency residencial solutions

Sustainable Wellness and Smart Home

Do you want your home to stay as healthy as possible and your electrical installation to be more efficient and consume less energy? Adopt Legrand's smart solutions focused on energy efficiency to enjoy sustainable well-being at home:

  • An energy-efficient home
  • A durable and scalable connected installation
  • Increased security for your personal data
  • Maximum convenience

How do you become Energy Efficient with a Smart Home?

Efficient Light Management

Efficient Light Management

With sensors (in wiring devices or individual), the lights are automatically switched on or off when necessary.

Automatic or timed switching on
There are various possibilities for automatic or timed switching on of light points, after presence detectors have triggered or for hourly programmings. They can switch off after a certain period of time has elapsed or after another event on the system. I stay in the room. The detector keeps the lights on as long as my presence is detected.

  • Daylight is sufficient.

The detector switches off automatically. With the dimmer function active, it gradually lowers the intensity of the lights before turning them off

  • The daylight fades.

The detector switches on automatically. With the dimmer function active, the intensity adapts and complements the natural light level, to achieve the required rightness.

Efficient temperature management

Efficient Temperature Management

Temperature Control

With Smarther's solution, it achieves  the ideal temperature for your home, guaranteeing maximum energy savings at all times.

The division of the heating and cooling system into separate zones makes it possible to manage different temperature profiles, avoiding energy waste, with savings of up to 30 % compared to a traditional system. The perfect integration of the design with Legrand solutions creates an ideal coordination with the other components of the electrical system.

It is possible to create scenarios to easily set temperature variations for each individual zone of the system depending on the day and time of day, as well as to integrate temperature control with other intelligent functions (for example: the OUT scenario lowers the temperature), in addition to control via the Home + Control APP.

Control of Electrical Consumption of Equipment

Control of Electrical Consumption of Equipment

Energy Measurement and Control

Have control of the on and off of your equipment: stove, boiler, refrigerator, dryer, washing machine, etc. 
Managing the energy in the sockets. 

Know the consumption of each of these equipments and generate alerts/notifications. 

Metering, monitoring and control.

Related products: 

  • Drivia with Netatmo
  • Wiring Devices Smart (Living Now, Celiane, Mallia Sense, etc.)
Home + Control APP for Energy Control

Home + Control APP for Energy Control

A connected system allows better home energy efficiency, avoiding, unnecessary waste.


  • Single View: Total energy consumption of the home in kWh and value
  • Multiple View: Precise consumption of one or more circuits or rooms in the home
  • Total consumption of the home in kWh and value
  • Notification when the consumption threshold is reached

With Home + Control also you can:

  1. Display and check the status of the loads connected to sockets and the room temperature;
  2. Adjust the temperature simply and intuitively;
  3. Check the total home consumptions
  4. Receive notifications on the load and system status;
  5. Define the load priority for black-out prevention;
  6. Schedule to switch off devices (for instance lights, air
  7. conditioning, heater...) when not used.

Smart Products


Drivia: Monitoring, Metering and Energy Management

Thanks to the Drivia electric panel with Netatmo and its complete range of connected products, you can control your energy consumption to the maximum. For a home that consumes less energy, you control and plan the switching on and off of your appliances remotely from your smartphone. 


Smarther: Temperature Management

Smarther adjust the temperature of each room to the nearest degree, according to your habits and needs throughout the year, and lower your energy bill.  Compatible with whatever the type of heating in your home (gas, electric, water heater with domestic hot water, etc.).


Sensors: Lighting Management

Lights turn on and off automatically when needed: Automatic or timed switch-on with Legrand's sensor individually or inside of the wiring (e.g. Living Now). 

green up

Electric Vehicle Chargers

The use of electric vehicles as part of your daily life also contributes to energy efficiency and lower environmental impact. 
Legrand has charging solutions for collective residential spaces, for enclosed or open spaces:

  • Green Up Premium
  • Green Up Premium Metal
  • Green Up Access

Provide a charging point for electric vehicles
For a shared parking lot. Legrand offers its range of GREEN'UP PREMIUM charging stations, resistant and communicating, to meet the following needs

  • Power: from 3.7kW to 7.4kW in single-phase and 11kW to 22kW in three-phase
  • Identification: 13.56Mhz badge reader (compatible with Vigik access control badges)
  • Accurate billing: Legrand MID meter
  • Management / delegation: management system via a web page integrated into the communication kit or via a load operator.

Smart Home Solution

Discover Legrand Solutions for a Smart Home at your fingertips...


Residential products for Energy Efficiency

Residential Solutions for Energy Efficiency

living now

Wiring Devices with Netatmo


Drivia with Netatmo


Smarther with Netatmo



Legrand for electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicles

smart catalog legrand

Smart Home Catalog

Take a tour of our connected home. Your home can be connected simply with Legrand and Netatmo.


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Energy Efficiency Legrand

All companies must work to achieve energy efficiency. Regardless of the stage of efficiency maturity we are in, we can go through the steps to achieve maximum energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact and work on saving consumption and responsible use. 

4 steps to energy efficiency: Measurement, monitoring and analysis of active energy, Energy Management, Control and Distribution, Implementation of improvements in the quality and guarantee of energy continuity, Achieving energy efficiency in installations. 

Legrand has solutions for energy efficiency in residential, commercial and data center spaces. Get started now and contact one of our specialized consultants.