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Transforming spaces in hospitality

The curation of details, large and small, to create an overall impression of warmth and welcome, leisure and luxury. Legrand provides a suite of solutions designed to transform your hotel’s spaces, from lobby to guest room and beyond, while crafting an enduring sense of comfort and delight.

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Improve customer loyalty

Guests are becoming more and more demanding, selective and internationally minded. To ensure that the high investments required in hotel buildings remain profitable in spite of these circumstances, Legrand has developed solutions designed to improve customer loyalty and to increase profit through added value services.

Every detail counts when it comes to customer satisfaction. High-quality service and comfort are essential to ensure maximum occupancy rates. Free Internet access and efficient conference equipment are essential ingredients.

Electrical installation also contributes in ensuring a safe and efficient operation of the systems, and can bring an aesthetic dimension to enhance the brand image.

Innovation in all areas

Innovation in all areas

Bticino offers a wide range of materials and finishes never introduced before, a modern digital technology, including security, communication, control, comfort and savings.

Customer comfort

Customer comfort

Every detail counts when it comes to customer loyalty: activating centralized control via touch screen, scenarios, lighting and blinds, indoor units that allow you to easily select the desired configuration and more.

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Continuity of service

Secure and stable access to information networks with a flexible structured cabling system prepared to grow according to your needs: LCS3 for data transmission, UPS to work without interruptions and more.

Ensuring people's safety

Ensuring people's safety

Ensuring the safety of people and property, illuminating pathways and stairways, both to be prepared for emergency situations and to guarantee the efficient use of energy with presence sensors for corridors and stairways.


UX for Upscale Hotels



Discover the documentation of all Legrand products that best suit your residential, commercial, industrial and other projects.

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Energy Efficiency

Let's be part of the change together. We can build energy-efficient projects and reduce the impact on the environment. By choosing Legrand solutions, you are promoting the responsible use of energy.


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Our projects

Legrand has solutions for any kind of project. Discover here details about Legrand's reference projects related to all markets: hotels, data centers, hospitals, residential and more.


Legrand is a supplier of integrated solutions for all types of industrial and commercial buildings, and has many years’ experience in the specific requirements of hotels. Whether you want to improve customer comfort or make work and management easier for hotel operators, Legrand has solutions specifically for each room and public area in the hotel. From bedrooms to the equipment room, every requirement and technical solution is covered

Discover in this page Legrand's hospitality offer, all reliable and comprehensive.