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Bticino Living Now | Legrand Saudi Arabia

From traditional to connected

Living Now, the new generation of wiring devices that combine design and connected solutions. For both new construction and renovation, Living Now is an attention getting solution that contributes to the daily comfort of your home, whether it is traditional or smart...


Finishing plates

The aesthetically pleasing and modern cover plates are available in three materials: technopolymer, zamak and wood.

The finishes are suitable for all home styles.

The unique shape of Living Now is designed to ensure perfect flatness of its elements and give more space to the functions: thanks to the innovative full-touch control, you can press any point on the surface of the keys to turn the lights on or off. The key always returns to its initial position, which guarantees its flatness.




Technopolymer plates are manufactured with a process of superimposing layers that allows to obtain a greater depth effect in the finish.



BTicino has always used Zamak alloy for its metal plates, it is a resistant alloy and at the same time suitable for an optimal aesthetic result.



For those who want a natural look, Living Now offers two finishes in oak and walnut.



They represent the aesthetic and interaction part of the different functions (controls, dimmers, etc.) You can choose between three different colors: white, black and sand.

Full touch" control

The control keys are "full touch", this means that they can be operated over their entire height and that you can choose where you want to press them: at the top, bottom or in the middle.

After being pressed, they return to their original position so that they remain perfectly aligned with the other keys.