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Axolute | Legrand Saudi Arabia


Design the electrical system in a new way

Ideal solution for all prestigious contexts, Axolute combines technology and design in every detail.


Technology & functions

Axolute offers a complete range of functions, from the most basic to the most innovative ones: axial controls, rocker controls, sweet click controls, dimmers, energy saving switches, passive infrared switches, temperature controls, gas detectors, socket outlets, TV sockets, USB chargers, etc.

From the residential sector to hotel resorts, from shopping centres to large buildings, Axolute guarantees technological solutions for each specific need (traditional, radio, MyHome BUS, etc.), imbuing them with its unique and original style.


Design: shapes, materials & finishes

Choose from the numerous rectangular, elliptical and Air geometrical variations.

Aluminium, stainless steel, glass, wood, stone, leather, technological and high-quality plastic, etc. these are the real materials that Axolute cover plates are made of.

A wide range of finishes is available for each shape and material used; the cover plates thus become ornamental details to be adapted to the style of furnishing, according to personal taste. Various types of customisation are available: pad printing, surround plate, colour, etc.


Axolute air: thin like no other

Only 3.5 mm thick and with curved lines that blend in the wall, Axolute Air is in line with modern design trends.

It offers timelessly classic monochrome finishes, soft finishes with an exclusive matt effect that chime perfectly with current interior design trends, and brushed finishes updated to fit in with the most advanced aesthetic.


Flexibility of configuration

The many configuration options (2 modules, 4 modules, 3+3 modules, etc.) make the Axolute range extremely versatile and its compatibility with MyHOME completes the flexibility of application.