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Door entry system 2 Wire kits | Legrand Saudi Arabia


Video door entry ready made solutions for single or double family homes. The professional kits guarantee maximum simplicity and flexibility of installation.
All kits are completely expandable and adapt to all installation needs; they are compatible with the 2 wires system devices (entrance panels, audio and video internal units, system accessories and cameras), allowing expansion without compromises.

Main featurs:

  • One family solutions (easily expandable to two family system);
  • Video and audio solutions;
  • Maximum installation flexibility;
  • DIN-RAIL Power supply;
  • Call repetition on smartphone and audio video answering machine solutions;
  • Door lock release with badges and clear discs;
  • Entrance panel with wide angle colour camera (105°) and rainshield;
  • Entrance panel can be wall and flush mounted;
  • Double opening (door and gate);
  • Video and audio internal units (hands-free and handset solutions).


The new professional kits range is composed by:

  • Villa video kits
  • Villa audio kits

The top versions of villa video kits range includes advanced functions such as: call repetition on smartphone, door lock release with badge or clear disks, entrance panel with wide angle colour camera, audio and video call answering machine and 7” touch screen internal units.


Villa video kits

Renewed and compact range comprising of five hands-free kits. The combination choice between entrance panel, internal unit and functions starts from the basic version (364613 – 364622) with Linea 2000 entrance panel and new Classe 100V16B internal unit, up to the top versions (364614 – 363911) with Linea 3000 entrance panel and connected Classe 100 – Classe 300 internal units.


Villa audio kits

Renewed and compact range composed by four kits (three handset kits and one hands-free kit). The combination between entrance panel and audio internal unit starts from the basic versions (366811 – 366821) up to the new versions (364231 – 364232) with Linea 3000 entrance panel and new Classe 100 internal units.