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Bticino LivingLight | Legrand Saudi Arabia

The ideal design for every project

A refined aesthetic that always matches the style of your home. The LivingLight switchgear is available in 3 different finishes: the standard rectangular LivingLight finish, the very sleek LivingLight AIR version and finally the customizable LivingLight Kristall version.



The new LivingLight collection, with its rectangular shape, is a classic with a timeless design. This clean and simple line is available in several colors and materials, such as metal, wood and techno-polymer.

You can choose between a natural finish such as bamboo, cherry or Italian walnut and a brightly colored and silky textured finish with techno-polymer plates thanks to a high quality plastic treatment.

These finishing plates can be combined with white, tech and anthracite keys.


Switches and push buttons

Equip the LivingLight switchgear with the classic toggle switches, made with an ergonomic and less noisy mechanism. Or choose the functional axial control. The shallow operating buttons fit perfectly with the clean design of the LivingLight AIR version.

Choose your system

Traditional switches

The LivingLight standard switchgear offers a perfect solution for traditional electrical installations thanks to its wide range of functions (sockets, switches, chargers, connectors...).


Integration of home automation

With LivingLight, it's a new way to control home automation. The controls are part of the MyHOME_Up home automation platform. A fusion of innovation and unmatched simplicity that allows the system to adapt to your needs in real time.


Belgian or Italian standard?

A traditional Belgian look or an elegant and compact Italian design? With the LivingLight switchgear, you always make the right choice.

Do you want to keep your existing flush-mounted boxes during your renovation?
The Belgian standard offers you the right solution.

For your new building, you create a modern and elegant look with the compact Italian design