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Energy Efficiency: Comercial and Industrial Solutions | Legrand Saudi Arabia

Commercial and industrial spaces that make a difference both internally and externally

In commercial and industrial spaces, Energy Efficiency efforts are usually focused on physical equipment and the optimization of production processes (industry), operational (commercial), management, etc. in order to reduce energy consumption.

Energy efficiency Commercial

Conditioning of physical spaces and processes

In commercial and industrial spaces, Energy Efficiency efforts are usually focused on physical equipment and the optimization of production processes (industry), operational (commercial), management, etc. in order to reduce energy consumption. 

For physical equipment, typical actions are related to the lighting of buildings, changes in the air conditioning system (heat or cooling), energy management (monitoring, control, etc.), energy sources used, components, mechanisms in the different stages and dynamics of this type of markets: production, operational and commercial. 

energy efficiency industrial

For commercial spaces (hotels, educational centers, shopping malls) and industrial spaces, the analysis of the sources of energy consumption in companies is part of the work carried out.

The analysis of the sources of energy consumption in industrial companies reflects the relevance of energy consumption in the form of heat and, therefore, points out the area where the greatest reductions in energy consumption could be achieved.

Legrand Energy Efficiency Solutions for commercial and industrial spaces

lighting management

Lighting Management

Lighting control means providing the correct amount of light, at the right time, when really needed

The Legrand offer comprises a complete range of solutions.
From a simple, ready to use, Stand Alone detectors to the most complete and performing Building Control systems
From Switching, dimming day light harvesting to scene settings
You will find here the best solutions to offer up to 50% savings according to EN 15193 and meet lighting and energy savings regulations and certifications standards.

Legrand  offers a wide range of solutions for lighting management, suitable for any type of room and need. The proposal can be perfectly scaled so that you can always select the product which best answers your needs.
From the management of a single room and circuit to that of an entire building you can always find the correct answer for your needs.

Energy efficiency

Energy Management

Solution for measuring and displaying the energy consumption and electrical values of one or more circuits of equipment or building area:

  • This energy integrated control consists of several modules for measure, control and report of measuring or power apparatus, locally or remotely.
  • The ideal solution for mastering all electrical installations.

Measure or audit is imposed by new standards and directive. The use of measurement in tertiary buildings is more and more present. The complete energy management system of Legrand allows:

  • Check the correct operation of the installation
  • Control your installation
  • Monitor your installation: locally or remotely.
energy efficiency for hotels

Hotel Guest Room Management Systems

Hotel Room management system: the guest room management system is the solution for the management and supervision of hotel and welcoming establishments.

Custom solutions: Many finishes are available from the different series. cover plates, keys, keycards, and glass controls can be customized with varied symbols.

Integration with other brand solutions: the driver management integration platform can manage systems from other companies. It is possible to control, for example the VRV, VRF and air conditioning systems of the main producers on the market.

Installation standards for all projects: We offer system solutions which comply with the standards of many countries; From the entry level to premium ranges, we offer various varieties of wiring devices, energy sockets and installation standards, which can cover all design and customer needs.


UX Solutions for Hoteles

Efficient room management and hotel operation

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Energy Efficiency Legrand

All companies must work to achieve energy efficiency. Regardless of the stage of efficiency maturity we are in, we can go through the steps to achieve maximum energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact and work on saving consumption and responsible use. 

4 steps to energy efficiency: Measurement, monitoring and analysis of active energy, Energy Management, Control and Distribution, Implementation of improvements in the quality and guarantee of energy continuity, Achieving energy efficiency in installations. 

Legrand has solutions for energy efficiency in residential, commercial and data center spaces. Get started now and contact one of our specialized consultants.