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Energy Efficiency: Data Center | Legrand Saudi Arabia

Data Center Energy Efficiency

Performance and reliability at the heart of Data Center

energy efficiency Data Center

Data centers consume vast quantities of energy. The resulting ecological footprint has become increasingly significant. Energy efficiency is thus becoming a necessity and a primary concern in the drive to reduce costs.

Energy efficiency criteria must be taken into account right from the outset, at building design stage.
Measuring daily consumption is an absolute must.
Legrand offers high-performance equipment to support you in achieving this goal. Legrand is part of the Green Grid.

Energy efficiency

Energy Management

In addition to the need to limit greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy costs are requiring data center managers to invest in efficient power and cooling solutions and so reduce their energy bills.

At the same time, servers are becoming increasingly powerful and energy-consuming, meaning that optimising installations to meet requirements has become crucial. Installations need to be optimised from end to end. First and foremost, an audit focusing on an analysis of network behaviour is necessary. And this is where Legrand’s equipment and services come in to their own.

Data Center Solutions

data center

Cold corridor

The cooling systems are the main item of consumption in a Data center.
To reduce the energy consumption, the consumption by the server cooling systems must above all be reduced.

This involves:

  • an optimised design of the white room
  • selecting the right cooling solutions

To obtain the most appropriate solutions, it is necessary first of all to know the class of Data center concerned.
These solutions will then facilitate the implementation of a global cooling system called “free cooling”.
In the context of a free cooling installation, several Legrand cooling solutions for the secondary circuit can be used to optimise the air conditioning.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

The objective is to reduce power losses so as to increase the efficiency of the electrical infrastructure.
Power losses connected with energy conversion and UPSs currently represent around 10% of the total energy consumption of a data center, where the cooling alone represents 32%. Given the efforts made with regard to cooling, particularly through designs enabling the use of free cooling, these power losses will account for a large part of the data center’s energy bill.

The reduction of power losses must be worked at on a daily basis, via careful management of the energy requirements. Those responsible for operating a data center must therefore pay attention to the flow and quality of the incoming energy in order to adapt the power demand to the actual requirements of the data center and ensure optimum use of the power received.
As the various power devices operate efficiently at low load conditions (a transformer used at 10% of its capacity is 3 times less efficient than at 60% of it capacity, likewise for inverters and air conditioning units.), their energy management will be optimized and power losses limited

Smart PDU

Smart PDU

Legrand's intelligent rack PDU series offers more than just power distribution – it’s a launch pad for real-time remote power monitoring, environmental sensors, data center infrastructure management, and so much more.

The series offers hundreds of models to power all your data center applications, including models with outlet switching, individual outlet metering, high power for blade servers and high density applications, and 400V three-phase power distribution.

Get certain off-the-shelf models delivered in as little as a few days, or have your PDUs engineered to meet your unique application.


Intelligent PDUs for Racks

See how the PX Series of rack PDUs is designed to reliably and efficiently distribute power to the devices in your data center


Data Center Solutions

More information about Legrand Data Center solutions



Data Center Projects

Know more about the successful data center projects in which Legrand has been involved.


Data Center Solutions

The efficient urbanization of a Data Center under construction or reconfiguration requires dedicated technical solutions

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Energy Efficiency Legrand

All companies must work to achieve energy efficiency. Regardless of the stage of efficiency maturity we are in, we can go through the steps to achieve maximum energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact and work on saving consumption and responsible use. 

4 steps to energy efficiency: Measurement, monitoring and analysis of active energy, Energy Management, Control and Distribution, Implementation of improvements in the quality and guarantee of energy continuity, Achieving energy efficiency in installations. 

Legrand has solutions for energy efficiency in residential, commercial and data center spaces. Get started now and contact one of our specialized consultants.