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The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry today faces various challenges: High fixed costs are accompanied by ever-increasing fluctuations in occupancy rates as well as flexible room rates. Meanwhile, guests are becoming more and more demanding, selective and internationally minded. To ensure that the high investments required in hotel buildings remain profitable in spite of these circumstances, Legrand has developed solutions designed to improve customer loyalty and to increase profit through added value services. Legrand has developed a complete response to meet all requirements, whatever the project, wherever in the world



Legrand’s entire product development process is based around the analysis of your customers’ requirements. In fact, a personalised in-room experience and a consistently high service level are two key factors for customer satisfaction. Make your guests feel at home.

Lobby & business centers

Hotel lobbies are no longer simply reception areas. Travellers increasingly expect them to be a place to socialize, work, and relax - all in a warm and inviting atmosphere. As a result, the requirements for lighting, flexible access to power connections and the Internet become more demanding.

Meeting Rooms

For conference rooms to appeal to external customers and thereby increase the hotel’s overall profitability, they have to be fully equipped to hold a successful business meeting. What’s more, the level of integration between the technical equipment and the overall hotel design is a key factor for promoting customer loyalty.

Technical Room

Safety for people and property is a priority when it comes to energy distribution. The full range of Legrand protection equipment not only delivers an efficient and powerful solution against electrical faults anywhere in the installation. New electronic protection devices also feature communication options that allow them to be incorporated into a monitoring system.

Outdoor Facilities

Outdoors is where commitment to the safety of personnel and visitors begins, and where businesses can demonstrate their environmental commitment.



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