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Big sized | Legrand Saudi Arabia

Discover our big sized solution for Data Center

Energy distribution is the foundation of the profitability of an entire building. Legrand power and protection solutions contribute to enhancing profitability by ensuring a reliable and safe energy distribution up to 6300 A, improving energy quality and reducing energy consumption.


Measurement, isolation & supervision

Measurement is used to locate the faults in an electrical installation and monitor consumption status in real time. Continuity of service is optimised by isolating faults and facilitating fast intervention. Targeted corrective actions can then reduce energy consumption. Measuring units provide a response for the continuous monitoring of isolation for critical Group 2 areas and contribute to the reduction of failure risk.

Power circuit breakers

Ensuring the safety of people and goods and continuity of service. The Legrand DX3, DPX3, and DMX3 circuit breaker ranges cover all breaking capacities and currents up to 6300 A. DMX3 air circuit breakers with integrated measurement control provide a genuine response to requirements in terms of safety and energy control.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Whether modular or traditional, a correctly sized and highly efficient UPS is essential. The UPS product offerings help to reduce electricity consumption. They also improve overall installation efficiency, reaching 99% in ECO mode and 95% in Online mode.

Energy quality

Reactive energy compensation systems to boost the performance of the electrical installation. The capacitor banks compensate for the reactive energy of your electrical installation, thereby enabling energy bills to be reduced.

Dry-type transformers

Good short-circuit resistance and reduced maintenance costs. Legrand HV/LV transformers (up to 17,000 kVA) can reduce electricity consumption by up to 20% during off-peak activity phases in healthcare facilities. Compact and easy to use, they offer good resistance to short circuits and they reduce maintenance costs.