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Smart Home: Wellbeing | Legrand Saudi Arabia

A Smart Home Improves Life

The comfort of being able to do everything easier and faster, at the touch of a single touch or voice. A reliable, customizable and flexible system, in which the various functions are designed to be integrated with each other and to respond perfectly to the specific needs and requirements of those who will use them.

smart home

Wellbeing gives you freedom

Managing all the activities in your home, in an easy and fast way, improves your life.

All the functionalities you can have:

  • Lights
  • Energy
  • Automations
  • Scenarios
  • Wireless controls
  • Temperature control
  • Security
  • Video door entry system
  • Integration with other brands

You can operate the functions of your home in the traditional way, with your smartphone or by voice commands.

smart home

Home+ Control

Manage your entire home from a single APP

Everything at your fingertips in a single APP. With the Home+ Control APP in one place you can manage all home comfort functions with a single click from your smartphone.

smart home legrand

Manage the home also with the voice

Legrand Smart Home solutions are compatible with the Google, Amazon and Apple platforms. Thanks to the preferred voice assistant, it is possible to control the home hands-free: an extremely useful function also for those with mobility problems.

Legrand's main Smart Products

smart catalog legrand

Smart Home Catalog

Take a tour of our connected home. Your home can be connected simply with Legrand and Netatmo.


ecommerce legrand smart products

E-commerce of Smart Products

Buy Legrand Smart Products Online or you can also contact a specialized consultant

Smart home
Get in Touch

Let's build a Smart Home together?

Let us keep in touch and accompany you in the smart project of your dreams.

Legrand offers you the possibility to connect your home in a simple way thanks to a truly coherent and scalable ecosystem, manufacturing products that are useful in everyday life, designed to be safe and durable.

Bastien Minotte
Marketing manager of Legrand for Smart Home

Smart Home: the time is now!

Legrand's smart home solutions have been developed to generate well-being among people, for maximum comfort in the home. While all this is happening, the smart solutions are implemented in an effort to generate energy efficiency, promoting the responsible use of energy, starting with measurement and control. Likewise, with smart solutions, security is guaranteed in the home, with specific products to provide security to users, both in the use of products developed specifically to provide security, as well as professional and high-level installation that protects communication between smart products. 
A smart home is the present.