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Leave your home with peace of mind

Netatmo has thought of everything to provide your home with complete smart protection: security cameras, alarms, sensors, smoke alarms, etc. giving you total peace of mind, at last. 1 Single app for your home's security, real-time alerts on your smartphone, free storage and no subscription fee and more.

netatmo smart indoor camera

Smart Indoor Camera

Be alerted immediately if an intruder breaks into your home

  • Extensive 130° field of view with stunning full hd videos
  • Superior night vision
  • Beautiful anodized aluminum
  • Records only what matters
smart door and window sensors

Smart Door and Window Sensors

Be alerted even before a break-in occurs

The Smart Door and Window Sensors alert you to a problem even before a break-in occurs. Installed on the doors and windows of your choice, they can tell if someone is trying to force entry. They also detect when a door or window is opened suddenly and send an immediate notification to your smartphone. This saves you valuable time in the event of a break-in.

smart indoor siren

Smart Indoor Siren

Scare intruders away to better protect your home against burglaries

When an unknown face is detected by the Netatmo Smart Camera during your absence, the Siren immediately triggers a powerful 110 dB alarm to scare away the burglar. The Netatmo Smart Camera uses face recognition and people detection to only trigger the Smart Siren when an intrusion occurs: no false alarms caused by a family member, a pet or a harmless movement.

smart outdoor camera with sirens

Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren

Receive real-time alerts and deter intruders in the event of a break-in

  • Real-time alerts: receive a real-time notification via your smartphone when an unknown person or vehicle is detected on your property.

  • Deter intruders: your Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren will alert you and deter them.

  • No more false alarms: customise the notifications you would like to receive.

smart video doorbell

Smart Video Doorbell

See who's at the door and answer it from anywhere

  • Modern and minimalist design

  • Exceptional image quality and night vision

  • Entirely weatherproof

  • The latest encryption

Netatmo videos

Smart Indoor Camera

Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren

Smart Video Doorbell


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