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Hypra industrial plugs & sockets and combined units | Legrand Saudi Arabia


A safe power supply for harsh environments

Thanks to its different IP ratings (IP 44, IP 44/55, IP 66/67-55) and mechanical protection (IK 09, IK 10), the Hypra socket offer is the ideal solution for all installations in harsh environments (dust, water splashes, etc) such as food processing facilities, silos and marine environments, etc. Conforming to standards IEC 60309-1 and 2, the Hypra range includes domestic pin sockets, mobile plugs and sockets, fixed sockets, or even switch-sockets (exclusive to Legrand). With 50/60 Hz frequency, they are available in: - LV (16 to 125 A) and ELV (16 or 32 A) versions - Three materials (plastic, metal or rubber) - 2P, 2P+E, 3P+E and 3P+N+E versions.


Hypra combined units: for an optimised power supply

Solutions for supplying power to one or more devices, Hypra combined units are available in the following versions: - LV single-socket equipped with 16 to 125 A socket - LV multi-socket equipped with 16 to 32 A sockets - Can be made up from pre-drilled (with rail) or undrilled units (with or without rail), equipped with IEC and domestic pin inlets Hypra combined unit solutions offer two IP ratings: IP 44 and IP 66/67-55.