For hazardous or unmonitored areas


Smoothly combinable with Batibox boxes, Soliroc enjoys the full benefit of Legrand’s experience and know-how, especially as regards controlled and simplified installation.


  • IK 10 for all indoor and outdoor requirements

    • -Reserved access area: badge reader

    • -Gymnasium: illuminated pushbutton

    • -Warehouse: 2P+E socket + RJ 45 socket

    • -Shopfront: keyswitch

    • -Public garden: 2P+T socket with locked cover

    • -Teaching: Mosaic adaptor with cover (here Mosaic HD 15 socket)

    • -Public toilet: automatic switch

    • -Office: push-button switch with label-holder

    • -Shopping centre: 2P+E socket with cover

  • The Ruggedness Of Soliroc, for use in the most severe requirements

    Features to meet the most demanding requirements have been incorporated right from the design stage. These features have then been validated by the most stringent tests, resulting in a triple strength product. All Soliroc Programme products have successfully passed the tests and provide a guarantee of maximum safety.

    • - IK 10: maximum impact resistance all the products can resist impacts of 20 joules.

    • -IK 10: maximum extraction resistance rounded shape of the plate to prevent gripping.

    • -IP 55: dust and damp protected on the main functions for outdoor installations

  • Functions Of Soliroc

    Control, connection (mains voltage/ELV), signalling, etc. 26 functions available in the Soliroc Programme.

    • -Switches 10 AX - 250 V~ - IP 55

    • -Time delayed switch - IP 55

    • -Automatic switches - IP 55

    • -Pushbuttons 6 A - 230 V~ - IP 55

    • -Power sockets 2P+E 16 A - 250 V~, with cover - IP 55

    • 1, 2 or 3-gang vertical or horizontal
      Modularity of combinations to meet the requirements of all your installations

  • Soliroc Can Take All 200 Mosaic Functions

    Use the Mosaic adaptor to enhance your installations with the 200 Mosaic Programme commercial functions. The adaptor is available with or without cover. Computer socket, audio/video socket, automatic lighting control, access control, illuminated signs, etc. In addition to the 26 basic functions, access the 200 Mosaic functions to cover all the specific functional requirements of your projects.

  • Safe, efficient installation and quick and easy setup

    Carrying on from the Batibox Programme, the Soliroc Programme has the benefit of all Legrand's experience and expertise, in particular for its easy, controlled installation. Flush mounting: 3 versions of Batibox Programme flush-mounting boxes can take all the Soliroc functions. Surface mounting: Using 1 or 2-gang Soliroc frames. A universal support: For clipping on all Soliroc mechanisms. 71 mm fixing centres horizontally and vertically. Quick and easy installation: Mechanisms with automatic terminals. Saves wiring time. Mosaic adaptor: For installing the Mosaic Programme functions. Cover plate supplied with protective cover. A robust finish: Metal alloy ensuring robustness in 1, 2 or 3-gang versions. Reduced clearance between cover plate and plate, limiting gripping. Plugs to block the 4 fixing points.