The flexibility of the modular unit


The new Plexo programme replaces the Plexo 55, flush mounting Plexo and Sagane Plexo ranges. It is available in complete and modular versions, in white or grey. The range is IP 55 to ensure a perfect weatherproof seal in both the modular and the complete version


  • Modular Version

    - 3 catalogue numbers to meet all requirements - 1 mechanism with cover plate - 1 surface mounting box with plate - 1 flush mounting support with plate

  • Complete Version

    - 1 catalogue number for surface mounting (mechanism + cover plate + box + plate) - 1 catalogue number for flush mounting (mechanism + cover plate + support + plate)1 gang 2

  • More functionalities

    - New high added value functions have been added to the Plexo programme, to meet various site configurations: - 2-wire automatic switch without override, 3-wire without override - Timer switch for all loads - FTP cat. 6 VDI socket - Flush-mounting pushbutton with 1/4 turn unlocking - In One by Legrand 4-button scenario switch All these new functions adapt perfectly to cabinets and enclosures. Light mechanisms are supplied with lamp.