Simplicity is beauty

Simplicity is beauty

Your switches perform exactly the way you expect them to

A solution for every purpose

With BelankoTM, switches perform exactly the way you expect them to. Beyond performance, we give you a choice between large rockers and the conventional small one. If you are looking for that something extra? BelankoTM has just that. We provide additional functions to suggest just a few more possibilities to meet your everyday lifestyle needs.


  • Wide Choice

    It is your choice. Either go with the small rockers that hold 1 to 6 gangs, or the large rockers that feature 1 to 4 gangs

  • Your goal is our goal

    We know how important it is for professionals like you to deliver perfect installations fast – always. Because your goal is also our goal, we ensure that our switches are always neatly wrapped with a soft protection film. You now enjoy peace of mind. Your switch stays clean and neat until it is delivered to the customer.

  • Easy & Safe Installation

    Fitting switches is probably only one of the many tasks that you have to undertake. By making sure that installation is safe and easy, you are left with more time to tackle other tasks. The safety features of BelankoTM wiring devices make installation both easy and safe.

  • More Functionalities

    An answer to your everyday lifestyle needs. For enhanced comfort, Belanko offers varied functions like dimming solutions for complex lighting, TV, telephone and data sockets to keep you connected to power, greater Socket Protection & Safety.