LCS Pro² software

Your LCS² enclosure in a few clicks.

With the new LCS Pro 2 software, you can now very easily and quickly select your products, view your enclosure, etc. and complete your study with the Chantier Chrono software which integrates all installation supports

  • The new LCS Pro2 software lets you quickly and easily select your products, view your enclosure, and more.

  • Catalogue numbers are determined automatically as you select features and options.

    RJ 45 sockets are connected to the area distribution box using a mixed cord, equipped with an RJ 45 plug on one end to connect it to the box and bare on the other end to fit it to the LCS connector on the RJ 45 socket or an RJ 45-RJ 45 cord to connect to a copper feed-through RJ 45 socket.

  • Visual display of the installation of the enclosure, modifications possible.

    Enable network access whatever the needs:
    10 Gb, Cat. 6, Cat. 5, STP or FTP. 
    Equipped with IDC connectors.
    Possible to re-cable in the event of error. Available in standard version and with copper feed-through. Installation possible in shallow trunking system, 35 mm for UTP and FTP connectors, 50 mm for STP.
    Mosaic RJ 45 sockets can take either RJ 45, RJ 12 or RJ 11 plugs without deformation of contacts. 
    They fit all installation supports in the Mosaic programme perfectly (floor boxes, columns, trunking systems, etc.).

  • Easy project management: technical records, purchase orders, document printouts.