Air Circuit Breakers: DMX3

Efficient protection and control for all type of buildings

The range covers 10 rated currents, between 800 A and 6 300 A. All range of DMX3 air circuit breakers and DMX3-I isolating switches is available in fixed and draw-out version.

  • Optimized performance up to 6300 A

    DMX³ air circuit breakers and DMX³-I isolating switches: an efficient protection and control for any type of building.. …

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  • Precise and user friendly LCD tripping units

    Reliable protection against electrical faults thanks to LCD screen electronic protection units, allowing precise adjustment.

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  • Fast clipping control accessories

    The DMX³ can be remotely controlled thanks to its range of accessories: shunt trips, undervoltage releases, motor operators and closing coils. …

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  • Connection : Maximum adaptability

    DMX³ connection type can be changed according to your needs. …

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  • Continuity of service and increased safety

    Supply invertors answer the double need of continuity of service and greater safety. …

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