XL3 Panels Take Center Stage in Limoges, France

XL3 Panels Take Center Stage in Limoges, France

Added on December 30, 2013

Four POWER CENTER engineers were recently treated to an intensive crash course in the difference Legrand XL3 Type Tested Panels make in the field. 

Over the course of three days (Oct. 27-31), the training team at Legrand Innoval in Limoges, France, schooled these professional engineers on how to design and purpose distribution panels with XL3 systems. They also learned the basic and advanced functions of XLPRO3 panel design software so they can put it to best use in their own projects.

Hands-on training sessions such as the highly successful undertaking in France serve a critical purpose for Legrand in the global marketplace. By investing time training POWER CENTER engineers on the features and benefits of our products, we create a prized link between Legrand, our technologically advanced solutions and our customer base.

Training customers adds value to our solutions in the market and it further promotes the Legrand name. At Legrand Saudi Arabia, we are actively developing our training methods and refining our approach to best serve our clientele now and in the future.