Taking Legrand On The Road

Taking Legrand On The Road

Added on December 30, 2013

Ever wonder why Legrand goes to the extreme when it comes to roadshows? Why we go to such lengths to put on product showcases, presentations, dinners, lunches, quizzes, raffles and prize giveaways?

The answer is pretty simple and it doesn’t involve collective sanity loss at the corporate level! 

These fact-to-face events are incredible tools for helping us spread the word about Legrand, its quality products and the difference we make in the field. When we attend roadshows, such as the two recent events in Al Hasa and Hail, they provide us with a perfect opportunity to engage directly with customers while helping us raise brand awareness. In short, by taking Legrand on the road, we build our collective success!

With the help of our event partners, Al Fozan and Bafail on the retail end, and Electric House on the projects market side, we are able to leverage each roadshow to reach out to these two distinct business segments, providing each with dedicated time and attention. Every time we take Legrand on the road, we elevate awareness for the company, its products and the hard work and innovation of each and every one of our employees.