Power & Protection Open Day Update

Added on April 14, 2014

Legrand Saudi Arabia partners, distributors and employees recently came together during a two-day session to talk about all things power and protection. With our panel builder and Zucchini experts each taking the spotlight on a separate night, the Power & Protection Open Day proved highly success for enabling us to demonstrate the superior edge our products deliver in the field.

Solutions in Power and Protection were exhibited in these different focus types:

Protection and Switching Components

Type Tested Solutions

Energy Efficiency

Events such as the Power & Protection Open Day are hosted periodically by Legrand Saudi Arabia to provide us with a chance to enjoy a high engagement level between our customers, our products and our highly talented staff members. Such undertakings are utilized to the extreme by Legrand to showcase our products and the practical solutions they provide. Attendees are treated to not only product showcases and presentations, but also meals, quizzes and raffles with valuable prizes on the line.

During the recent Power & Protection Open Day, Zucchini busway products and transformers took center stage during the lunch period. Power and protection targeting panel builders only was the focus of the dinnertime session.

Our thanks go out to all participants and to sponsor partner Electric House for making the gathering such a successful one.