Mr. Gilles Schnepp - Leading through the front in Saudi Arabia.

Added on April 17, 2014


Mr. Gilles Schnepp, Chairman & CEO of Legrand Group visited Saudi Arabia during 6th - 9th of April, 2014. In his honor Legrand and SEICO employees organized a welcoming dinner at Intercontinental Hotel, Jeddah. 

The evening started with a welcoming speech by Mr. Nicolas HOBEILAH (Area Manager) followed by our Chairman Mr. Gilles SCHNEPP expressing his ideas and believes on being how important Saudi Arabian region is demographically and how it holds an edge over other regions in the middle east geographically. 

He also expressed his sheer joy and gratitude about how Legrand’s Saudi Arabian team have managed to cope up and succeeded with constant oncoming challenges in the year 2013. He also admired the innovative ambition of the team and how he is impressed by the new acquisitions and technologies that regional team proposes being aligned with the local market.

Legrand team really appreciated the support, inspiration and appreciation they received by Mr. Gilles Schnepp over the dinner. Henceforth, the evening concluded with the spirit of innovation, achievement and teamwork among the Legrand team. 

His visit included major meetings with Legrand business partners and distributors to reinforce and solidify the relations, future market positions and commitments with them. 

Legrand Saudi Arabia operations is of importance to the group in France as the country is keeping on proving how economically lucrative it is. A strategic promising roadmap has been put in place for legrand KSA shaping promising outcomes in the mid and long term.



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