Monthly Sales Management Meeting Drives Success

Monthly Sales Management Meeting Drives Success

Added on December 30, 2013

No one likes having a standing meeting appointment on their calendar when the parties involved just get together for the sake of doing so. Legrand’s monthly sales management meetings are different. They’re strategic gatherings designed to help our sales leaders drive the company and its success forward for the benefit of all our employees and our clients alike.

This standing session brings together such key personnel as:

  • -Sales management from all areas of the kingdom

  • -The head of the marketing department

  • -The leader of the specification department

  • -Legrand SEICO’s sales and marketing management team

While meeting agendas might change from month to month, the purpose behind the sales gathering remains consistent: driving Legrand forward to better meet client needs, promote the brand and grow success. 

During these sessions, Legrand’s collective sales and marketing leaders are able to:

  • -Review performance to highlight wins while uncovering areas for improvement.

  • -Make certain ongoing and planned actions align with corporate objectives.

  • -Resolve concerns and brainstorm solutions for overcoming obstacles the company faces.

  • -Highlight possible new market penetration areas to grow Legrand’s business.

  • -Make market and economical assessments to maintain and grow the company’s health.


Legrand’s monthly sales management meetings are important sessions that help drive the company forward.