Legrand KSA Catalogue - Your gateway to everything you need to know!

Added on October 9, 2013

Legrand has launched its wonderful catalogue for Saudi Arabia recently- truly an achievement for the Legrand team!

We have developed the catalogue so it may serve as your perfect medium of communication with us. It lies at the core of our products, specifications and company presentations. This catalogue is dedicated for our valuable customers in the Kingdom and includes a wide range of products and services that we offer. This is such an important tool for the company because it helps customers gain insight about what we offer, and what our product specifications are. It is like their one stop information arcade, right at their doorstep!

In fact, the catalogue is so crucial to Legrand that it serves as a strategic tool to a variety of our linkages. Our distributors refer to the catalogue for information on our outlets and products, whereas our interior designers use this catalogue to help cater to our specific needs in an even better manner.

Furthermore, system integrators and panel builders also gave us feedback about the usefulness of such a catalogue. 

Legrand takes pride in recognizing the fact that it does  not just concentrate on the primitive functions of an organization, such as making and selling goods and services. It takes the customer’s experience much further than that, by creating an overall package. We not only offer services, but also help you gain knowledge and understanding of these products through this catalogue, seminars, and many other important tools.