Legrand Corners Take Alfozan Showrooms by Storm

Added on April 14, 2014


Potential Legrand Saudi Arabia customers hoping to learn more about our products need only visit the Alfozan stores in Khubar, Khamis and Riyadh to get a closer look at all the high-tech solutions we have to offer. The three brand new Legrand Corners were recently launched following the overwhelming success of the 15 similar corners sponsored by Electric House, one of our major distributors.

Created to deliver a highly interactive experience, the corners educate potential Legrand customers using a combination of audio/visual presentations, print products and catalogues. Within each corner, customers can explore the wide array of products we have to meet their residential, commercial and industrial needs.

The addition of the Legrand Corners in Alfozan Showrooms is a huge win for the entire Legrand KSA team. These outlets provide us an excellent way to increase our company’s visibility and position in the retail market while making sure we are able to reach out to potential clients in all parts of the Kingdom. What makes the Alfozan partnership so outstanding is that each corner is also staffed by a skilled and knowledgeable salesperson, always available to answer customer questions.

Our thanks go out to Alfozan for helping us promote Legrand products in such a spectacular way!



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