Electric House Team Gets Hands-On With Zucchini Solutions

Electric House Team Gets Hands-On With Zucchini Solutions

Added on January 12, 2014


Electric House’s Busway team was recently treated to a hands-on training session that explored the benefits Zucchini solutions can deliver in their line of work.

During the four-day training session in Italy (Nov. 11-14), the 7-person busway team from Electric House learned about the complete line of Zucchini busway and transformer solutions and how to use them in the field. The intensive training session included a Zucchini product orientation and comprehensive training on PSZ busway design software.

Zucchini is one of the many Legrand Group Brands that delivers technologically advanced solutions to the marketplace. Other brands include Estap, Vantage, WattStopper and Electrak.

Training sessions, such as November’s session in Italy, are important outreaches for Legrand operations worldwide. By investing time and resources in helping engineers, busway teams and other consumer segments understand the value of Legrand products, we raise our brand awareness while also ensuring those in the field know the difference Legrand can make in their own projects and operations.

Legrand Saudi Arabia is actively working to enhance training methods while bolstering our approach to these in-person sessions to add more value to our solutions in the market.