Concrete Chique Focuses Attention On Legrand’s Designer Style

Concrete Chique Focuses Attention On Legrand’s Designer Style

Added on January 12, 2014


Legrand’s home automation and high-tech electronics solutions have an appeal that goes beyond contractors and electricians. End consumers also have a strong interest in the products we create to make home living smarter, safer and more sophisticated.

That’s why Legrand Saudi Arabia is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Concrete Chique. This group of trendy interior designers is helping spread the word about Legrand’s products online while sharing their thoughts, experiences and projects with potential customers around the county and the world. It’s also helping us reach a critical consumer segment that shouldn’t be overlooked in our efforts to gain market share – females.

Women are the opinion leaders in the country and they also play a critical role in the decision-making process when it comes to home improvements. Since Legrand’s products deliver highly targeted solutions for female customers seeking sophisticated, elegant solutions that fit their lifestyles, the Concrete Chique sponsorship was an excellent fit for us.

Find out how Concrete Chique is helping spread word about Legrand online by visiting them at Be sure to check out their amazing interior design work, as well!