Breast Cancer: Raising Awareness Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Breast Cancer: Raising Awareness Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Added on December 30, 2013

According to the World Health Organization, cancer is the leading cause of death on a global scale. Each year, some 7.6 million deaths are attributed to one form of the disease or another. Breast cancer has the dubious distinction of helping lead the pack.

That is precisely why Legrand Saudi Arabia has teamed up with the Zahra Breast Cancer Foundation to raise awareness about this disease. In many cases, this killer can be stopped in its tracks if it’s caught early enough. This makes cancer screenings and early, immediate treatment critical for saving lives.

Through our partnership, Legrand employees have participated in awareness events and we’ve been able to tap into the power of our social media channels to reach a large audience, sharing facts about breast cancer. With a whopping 95 percent of our social media audience being female, we felt this was an excellent platform to use to help spread the word.

At Legrand Saudi Arabia, we are serious about giving back and making a difference. It is our sincere hope that someday soon a cure is found. Until then, we’ll do our part to spread the word about prevention and early detection.